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Important! General Rules

Post by Saxaca on Sat Sep 18, 2010 5:56 am


Before you post, please search for like topics. This is to avoid having multiple topics on the same subject.

Topic Title:
When posting a ForumGame, please give the topic a name which fits the game! Take this example;

Dude: Sees topic named "Count to 10!". Dude opens topic, and sees a game about cows instead. Dude is deeply shocked, and quits the site.

Topic Description:
In your Description, please try to describe the game, but try to be short!

You are NOT allowed to use colours , exept when:
  • Writing a Staffs Name
  • Granted permission

Exclamation You are allowed to use it, but not misuse. What we mean is, you're not supposed to like, write everything in blue. That's reserved for Moderation. We allow you to do it for things like keeping your posts ordered. You may ONLY use it in the first post in a topic.

Double Posting and Spam:
You're allowed to double post, BUT with a seperation of 24 hours!

Spam is NOT tolerated, spammers get IP'ed. If you go off topic, you may find yourself banned for up to a week.

HTML and other "COOL STUFF":
HTML is disabled. You may use BBCodes, but not misuse. The colors is an exeption. Also, the font Comic Sans MS is reserved for Moderation. One thing you must remember is that you may NOT use ANY form of "background". This is reserved for Moderation.


General Behaviour:
We do NOT want any racism, or ANY ilegal stuff on this forum. People who break this rule
--> IP BAN

The Moderators:
The Moderators work to keep your time here good. They are NOT paid, so dont come around whizzing! And also, don't ask to become a Moderator. We choose the best.

--> Advertising by PM will get your PMBox disabled.
--> Persuading with money, and stuff like that will get you IP BANNED.
--> Not listening to the Moderators will just end up in you getting banned.

Have a Question? PM an Admin or Mod!
Exclamation Notice: It's the Moderators who rule! They chose when they want to ban you.

Exclamation By registering, you agree to these Rules AND our ToS!


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